Peace and Happy New Year

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Peace and Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I pray that we all find peace and healing with this new year.

Personally I am lighting a candle at noon today in honor of my little angel and I am going to let it burn into the new year. I don't know why but something is telling me to do this.

May we all find healing within ourselves. Thank you for being my cyber family.

Best Wishes for a safe and Happy New Year.

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That sounds like a lovely idea, i hope you dont mind if i do the same. Im hoping the start of 2008 can start to help with looking to the future.

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I think it's a lovely idea too! Happy new year to you. I really hope this year brings better things for all of us. :giveflower:

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That is a great idea...i lit a ton of candles today after taking down my christmas decorations...maybe i should blow a few out! Take care everyone and I hope the new year brings you all lots of happiness!

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Happy New Year!

I hope the new year has wonderful things in store for all of us.


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Sounds like a great idea, I'll light one too. Hopefully our girls will see them in heaven and know how loved they are.


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What a beautiful idea. I hope that this coming year is better than the previous. I will not wish for happy or any of that other stuff as my naivete and illusions are all gone. I do wish us all strength and peace and healing in the new year.


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Happy New Year!!!!!! I think I'm going to have to borrow the candle idea too. Hope that's ok.