Period question(mc ment, ttc ment)

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Period question(mc ment, ttc ment)

alright ladies got a question. This may sound weird it may just be me, but this is only my second period since my mc the first one I was so excited to have my period because we could try again, but this month we are not supposed to try because I may be having some thyroid issues. For some reason this one is bothering me. I use the restroom and see all the mess in the toilet and it just brings it all back to me. Does it ever stop bothering you? Kinda freaked me out.

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My periods lately have been very heavy and have been passing quite a few clots and it has bothered me. The first period I had after my first loss sent me into hysterics. I think it was because I knew it was officially over. Im sorry this is so hard. I hope you get your thyroid problems figured out.


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Its totally normal what you are feeling. It is a very sad, tormenting reminder. I do it all the time I have to close my eyes and try to erase the visions. I held the baby, sac everything so when I clot same feelings.

I hope you both get that sticky baby very soon. Be patient with yourself (I am trying)

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Yep. I know how you feel. I just started my first cycle today. first, it's a painfull one. the back pain reminds me of the mc. Second, now I have to start thinking about all the should be or shoudln't we ttc. We were doing the whole, not really trying thing before. But I don't know if Ican be so casual about it now. I really wanted to be pg even if I wasn't admitting it and now, I just don't know. I'm not emotionally ready to handle a full out ttc but I'm not sure I want to go back on b/c either. I'm a mess about it. SO, I know how you feel. All the gross and sad feelings are back because of the blood and mess and then, there's all of the actual questions. Try to take it easy. Try not to stress. I'm sorry.

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Um, the first 3 months bothered me, but once it had been about 3 months the periods didn't bother me. I was still an emotional wreck over looking my son... but when I would get my period I just kinda shrugged it off and doped myself up on Midol.

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It is totally normal. I hope it gets better :bighug: