Periods after D&C
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Thread: Periods after D&C

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    Default Periods after D&C

    Hey all, Quick question,

    After a D&C; when you all got your periods back were they a little messed up? I should be due for my AF any day now… I am guessing…. I started getting excited on Saturday when I started feeling the premenstrual cramping that I usually get. Well… NOTHING! NO AF! Is this normal? I used to be pretty good at guessing when AF would start because I would cramp about 30 min to an hour before, so I am confused with the cramping with NO FLOW!!! I am so upset. I am so looking forward to my first cycle and it is teasing me. I think I will do a quant level today at work. I guess I am worried about something little being left behind that will prevent my levels from dropping down enough to start my cycles going again. I am just not sure if this is “normal” or not. Maybe my cycles will be messed up for a little while… hummmm

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    I'm sorry i dont have any advice as i've never had a D&C, though i am sure some of the ladies here will be able to help you.

    Sorry AF is teasing you!

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    I got my period 5 weeks after my D&C. It was a day shorter than usual and less painful than I was expecting, but it also seemed to delay a lot in arriving. I had spotting for about 5 days before it started, and about a week of MAJOR PMS.
    Hopefully your body will sort itself out soon.


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    Not to be discouraging but I didn't get mine back for 3 months... so I understand how stressing it can be. I think I must have took about a million pg tests during the 2nd and 3rd month. When she did come back though she was back with a vengance...
    I hope she finds you soon.

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    Mine came back 5 weeks after and was really heavy and I cramped a lot more than before. It also lasted a lot longer.

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    It took AF 3 months for me as well , though I really think that's out of the ordinary, and my doc finally put me on estrogen to bring it around & it was quite a doozy. I totally understand your frustration & I hope AF makes an appearance really soon for you.


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