That pesky due date looming..(child, ttc ment)

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That pesky due date looming..(child, ttc ment)

I would have been due next week.

I can't think about anything else. I should be miserable because of a huge belly right now, not a huge hole in my heart Sad Several of my friends had babies in the past few weeks, and several women from my son's birth board as well. We all found out we were pregnant around the same everyone else is holding newborns and I'm still struggling to TTC again.

I have a new doctor. She drew my blood and turns out my TSH level (which should be between .5 and 5.0) is a 67.7 and is probably the only reason we can't get pregnant. She also said last time my blood was drawn (the day of the ultrasound when we found out we miscarried) it was over 6. This was never mentioned to me. If my doctor would have made time in his busy schedule to see me before 10 weeks..KNOWING I had thyroid problems and past m/c's.. my babies might have been fine. Needless to say..I'll not be going back there again.

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I am so very sorry....I don't understand some doctors...Because of their negligence, you lost your babies Sad

I will be thinking of you and your lost lo next week.... :bighug:


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I am so very sorry for your loss.

If you ever want to let it out, I am unfortunately all to familiar with loss due to medical malpractice/negligence. I am a great listener.

It hurts to have the due date approach without anything to lessen it.

I wish you peace and serenity.


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huge hugs to you....when my edd arrives, i know it will be so hard. right now all i can think is, "i should be heading into my 2nd trimester"'s hard, but we are here for you!

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I am so sorry for your losses.

I'm glad you're here, writing about what's going on for you. It's soooo much easier to deal with an EDD, when you're in touch with a loving community like this one here.

About your doctor's negligence: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! I do hope that you will be able to close the chapter on this horrible reality too. My losses were all unavoidable, so I can only imagine the depth of your pain. But I'm here for you, and I genuinely care, just like so many others here on this board.

It's so healthy to 'vent' our negative emotions. Please write in whenever you want to. We're here for you, and we're going to help you through the EDD and beyond.