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Thread: Petition is Working Again! Please add your name

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    I have now signed it twice, and neither time has my name shown up on the list.

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    Nevermind - I didn't click on the correct page link. My name is on the 3rd page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by min150mph View Post

    TTC & PG ment:

    BTW you might want to post this on the TTC after a loss board and the PG after a loss too.
    This is a great idea!


    When I signed yesterday I looked at the signatures and my name was there. Today it's gone.

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    Exclamation If Your Name does Not Appear on Petition -- the Solution!!

    Hi all,

    Thank you very much for signing the petition. There's a glitch in the software however -- some people are being brought to an earlier 'cached' version of the website. So their signature is not actually on the newer version. Nothing can prevent that from your end, I'm afraid. But there IS a solution!

    [Yes, this has been making me crazy!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited on Monday, And now I'm so getting so teeth-grittingly frustrated -- grrrrr! Anyway....on to the solution]

    If you don't mind sending ma a Private Message with your full name and email, I can enter it into the petition for you. That's the only way around this problem. You have my word that I won't share your details with anyone -- not on this website and nowhere else.

    So sorry for the hassle. And thank you so much for your support.

    Thanks so much,

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