pgcy loss ment

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pgcy loss ment

I delivered him at 19 wks...
I was a member of the pg board April 09. I posted there a wk ago to tell them my story and say my goodbyes to them. I went in for my u/s 2 wks ago to find out the gender. A day we were ready to celebrate on was a day of tragedy. We brought our 2 children with us dd 6yo ds 8yo as this pgcy had been the focus of their lives. We found no hb and the 4 of us were crushed. They induced me on Nov. 20th and I delivered our angel baby boy Reid on the 22nd. I needed to reach out and posted on the: Abundance of angel’s board while I was in the hospital (where there is not too much traffic)... I didn't see this board until today. He was beautiful, fully formed down to his toenails and up to his eyebrows. We held him, rocked him and cried.

Here is my story:

and thanks for letting me vent.

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I have not come to this board in a while....I used to be very active..a moderator of this board for quite some change. I just wanted to let you know just how sorry I am very sorry that your precious Reid passed on Sad I wish none of us here ever had to experience the loss of a baby/ live with those scars.

Come here often..This board has helped me so much over the years..The ladies here, although many have come and gone..and come back again...are so caring.

When you feel as if you are drowning. They will be the hands that pull you out..



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Hugs hugs and prayers. I am so sorry that your lost your precious Reed. Reading your post on Apr 09 had me in tears. My heart hurts for you, your dh, and your sweet kids. I am glad that they got to ring the bell for Reid's birth, so touching. Please post here anytime, for vents, frustrations and hurts. I had my milk come in after my last d&c, and it was like adding insult to injury, since that is what I looked most forward to being pg again, so I feel your pain there. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. I had a 29w5d stillbirth. It's a hard place to be in.


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I am so sorry for your loss.

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I am sorry for your loss. I wish I could say something that would give you the comfort you seek.

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I'm so, so very sorry for your loss. I don't have any words to say that would make you feel better, but I want you to know that you and your family (and angel baby Reid) are in my thoughts and prayers. :bighug:

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I am SO sorry. My heart just aches for you and your family. Please feel welcome here. Like a PP said, many of us come and go as we need, come when you need to. I too wish there wasnt a need for this place, but its quite comforting to know that you can come here to vent, cry, talk, etc. Grieve how you need to grieve, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Big hugs to you. You'll be in our thoughts.

I wanted to add that if you would find comfort in donating your milk there are several places that accept it. I think it would be something that I would find helpful, knowing that it was giving life to another.