pics from our roses

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pics from our roses

first let me thank you for your support .....I got through my edd as well as could be expected.

here is a link to the roses we planted, it is just a start....the center rose bush is called " Remember Me" it bloomed this morning.
we planted 2 climbing roses on each side of the trellis called " New Dawn"....they attract hummingbirds & butterflies.....cant wait fot the buds to start to open on them.

anyway, just wanted to share.....I'll post more as we continue to work on it Smile

thanks ladies!

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Oh no! The link won't open for me! But it sounds beautiful!

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Maybe the link is wrong or your bandwith is up?

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I got it to open & it looks so beautiful. TFS!


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That looks gorgeous. I bet it's absolutely lovely when the butterflies come to it. Smile

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Beautiful! What a wonderful way to remember!

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I absolutely love it!!! Just perfect Smile


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They are just beautiful. What a wonderful way to remember your little one. And it will be so peaceful to watch the butterflies and little hummingbirds once they bloom. I'm glad you made it through your EDD with little problem, I only hope the rest of us can do the same.
Thank you for sharing!