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Plan of Attack

Re my action to get Australia to recognize International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day...

I just figured out an awesome plan of attack! (Just occurred to me now, in a flash of insight).

Here in Oz, there's a new-ish, controversial policy: when people have live births, the Federal government pays them a few thousand dollars -- they say it's to offset the costs, but it's clearly an effort to raise the birth rate.

Controversial because some teenagers have been quoted (on national tv news) as saying things like: "I'll have a baby because I'll get lots of money."

Well...if they want to raise the live birth rate, then why not lower the death rate? Why not pour all those thousands into research on pregnancy and infant loss instead? Nothing controversial there!!!

Oooooooo yeah! If I don't hear back from those two MP's, I'm ready for them. (Yeah, I'm a fighter!). Even if they do contact me first (which they very well might), I'll still mention this concept. The timing is so right in Australia -- don't know why it didn't occur to me before!

Thanks for your support.

Hugs all around,

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good thinking Nicole! You are awesome and so pro active about all of this! An inspiration!

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I wish you nothing but the best in this endeavor. I look forward to hearing the updates.

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I believe it's not just a live birth thing, or at least it wasn't when it was first instituted. The amount paid will go to parents of stillborn children (so babies eligible for both birth and death certificates in australia) aswell. At least, I believe that's the case still.

Good luck with the push, though. I'm with you 100%.

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Keep us posted, Nicole. I hope you hear something back shortly. I agree with Rachel, you are an inspiration~