Practical (TMI) Questions

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Practical (TMI) Questions

Right, so it's been 5 days since delivery and i am hardly bleeding at all. Is this normal for delivery at 25 weeks? I know that while i was in the hospital i was on a syntocin drip and i was loosing a LOT of blood, but it's been basically just spotting for the last few days now.

I'm just comparing to last time where i was bleeding for a solid 5 weeks right into my period. I know i was full term then, so i figured it might be different.

Also, my notes mention ragged membranes. I've googled it and it is associated with retained products of conception. Since i am hardly loosing any blood i would assume that i havent retained anything - what do you think? Now, i know this is gross, but when i went for my first wee after the catheter was removed a HUGE clot came out of me. Could that have been the retained POC do you think?

I have asked Dr K, but i wondered if you guys had any ideas too.

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I haven't had a delivery at 25 weeks, but it sounds to me like everything is out. I don't think it's unusual to have very light bleeding after 5 days if you have been resting a lot. If you are up and about, it will probably get heavier and brighter red.

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After my delivery at 20 weeks, my abdomen became very hard and rigid about 3-4 days after. Later to find out it was retained placenta. I also had a mild fever associated with it.
I was bleeding heavily for that time period also.....but again that was probably related to the retained placenta.

I had to have a D&C 7 days after delivery, and then I bled for a long time.
But many people I have met have just spotted similiar to you afterwards.

I hope this just indicates that your body is healing properly.

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Not the same, I know, but I delivered and then had a d&c immediately after at 20 weeks. After the first couple days, I only bled very lightly (I called it spotting.) It did last for a while, though. Probably a solid 4 weks. What your experiencing seems pretty normal ... I was really cautioned to watch for a fever, as this is usually and indicator of a problem.


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Thanks girls. I asked my midwife when she came over and she seemed to think it's normal too. I'll definately keep a watch for signs of illness though, i know that you can get an infection from retaind POC.

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Sarah, I've not had a loss at that late a term, but when I had repeat surgery in April due to RPOC, I had NO bleeding up to that point. I just hurt & had mega tenderness in my belly.

I did have to have surgery to remove it, so I hope that if it is RPOC that you have, that you will get a scan to monitor it.



LO mentioned

ETA:I had to have D&C after the deliveries of both my LO's for retained tissues. With my first, he was 6 weeks early & I had severe hemmoraghe, but with my second, it was just major pain. And his was retained membranes {I had SPROM at 20 weeks}

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I had a 24/25 week vaginal delivery & loss, I thought i would bleed heavier and for longer. as i have not had any other delivery i dont have anything to compare it to. I kept light spotting for a long time (months) as i had an infection that need a D&C 3 months later.

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After I delivered Amaya (vaginally at 21.5 weeks I bled for probably 4-5 weeks) heavier at first then a pad would last all day. Not sure if it is different for a cesarean though.

Thinking of you!

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I delivered Rocco via c-section at 30 weeks and I only had about a week of bleeding but really light flow.
I did have a blood clot form and that came out 6 months after his birth. Maybe a small clot came out when you went to the loo???
Also, you had a c-section so there should not be any POC left after the delivery.

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Sarah when I had Jeremiah (27 weeks) I bled very heavy. I also had a huge clot come out after I first went to the bathroom. Probably the size of a large fist. I also had a placental abruption so I believe that's why I bled so hard. And I agree with the above poster with a c-section you shouldn't have any POC if you did you would become really ill.

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Sarah, I delivered vaginally at 19w3d and passed a huge clot, the size of my hand, when I got home and took my first shower. OMG it freaked me out! My DR gave me a prescription to stop the bleeding which did work for the next week but then I bled and spotted for I think 6 weeks. But the heavy bleeding really only lasted the first three days before the medicine and the week after the medicine stopped working.

Everyone is different and I'm sure a c-section is definitely different from a vaginal birth.


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I had a couple REALLY large clots after my 22 week loss (placental abruption started as well for me) and i bled heavy for a week or so and then just light for a couple more weeks (really light at times).

I know if you are retaining placenta, you will start to feel ill. My mom had this with my brother, and she got really sick. I would think you would have a least a fever.


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Medium to Light flow with the vaginal delivery of my SB at 22 weeks.