Pregnancy after Miscarriage...

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Pregnancy after Miscarriage...

I know that this is a trying time for all of us but we have to keep our heads up. With me...if i start to get a lil emotional, DH will do the same ( the same time) I hold my head up everyday and know that God will get all of us through this dark time in our lives. I am not so sure about how life goes on after a miscarriage, at least in the pregnancy realm. How long should you wait to try u go back on BC asap??? has anyone had a child after soon??? Me n DH are thinking about our options and I wasnt sure. Hope these questions dont bogged you down...if so, I apologize. Good Day!!!

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I had a natural m/c. I was 8 weeks along. My m/w said that she in a perfect world would want us to wait 3 cycles, but definitely one cycle. Since we were emotionally ready, we started TTC after that first post m/c cycle. It all depends on how far along your were, and if you are ready emotionally. :bighug: Just know that we are here for you during this tough time. If you would like, there is a bunch of us that post a little more frequently on the Trying to concieve after a loss board (TTCAL) as well.

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I had a m/c at 10 1/2 weeks and we were told to wait 2 months. I know there is alot to think about but you are right, God will help you through. I would encourage you to visit the TTCAL board. I have met some wonderful women there who understand what I am going through and are there to listen when I need to vent. It has been a great help!

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I was eight weeks and got pg the next cycle. Most say to wait 3 months.

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I have had two d&cs, and the ob advised to wait 2 cycles, which we did. I know of women who got pregnant the right away and carried baby to term, I know women that got pg right away and miscarried. I know women that waited and carried to term, and women that waited and m/c again, so there is not right or wrong answer, follow your docs advice and your heart. Hugs, and I agree with the other women, head over to ttcal.

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When I mc my OB said there was no reason to wait, since there werent any complications just a natural mc with a D&E. What she said is that there really is NO way to predict when and where you will or if you will have a mc or another or several. The percentage of mc's are SO high that most pregnancies dont make it, but since we are in the age where we know right away we seem to feel it much more. You have to do what is right for you and your family emotionaly and physically. I never felt like I would blame myself if I were to happen upon another mc since I knew there was nothing I could do about it. We never did get preg again (yet) and will have to wait to TTC again. BIG HUGE HUGS!

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**Living Child Mentioned**

I used to be a very active member of this board and still lurk occasionally to see if I might offer some advice.

I want you all to know that there is hope.

I miscarried at 13 weeks in January '07. I followed my doc's advice to wait 3 cycles and got preg again right away, delivering a healthy baby boy one year and 8 days after my m/c. It doesn't always happen like this, but it does happen, I think most of the time. Almost everyone I know IRL who has had a m/c has gone on to have at least one healthy child afterward.

If you want to read more stories of women who have gotten pregnant and had healthy babies after suffering a loss, I would suggest visiting the Pregant After Loss or Parenting After Loss boards.

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***Living Child Mentioned***

I had a natural M/C at around 7 weeks. One Dr. told us to wait 3 cycles, and another told me to start whenever I felt ready - the next cycle if I wished. We met them halfway and started trying after 2 cycles, and got pregnant right away. I carried that child to term and gave birth to her less than one year after my M/C.
During that second pregnancy, it certainly was hard to be as excited as we were the first time - we were a bit jaded I guess. Eventually as we passed in to the second trimester it was easier to feel more excited and happy about the pregnancy.

You just have to do what feels right for you. I guess most doctors suggest waiting about 3 cycles so that your body can get back to normal. I hope you find the right time to try again and good luck!

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(child ment).

I am so sorry for your loss.

When I asked my dr and ob/gyn about how long to wait before TTC, the 2 of them gave me 2 different answers!! My dr suggested I wait 3 months, my ob/gyn suggested we 'just live normally' -- i.e. don't concern ourselves with calendars. I don't know if any doctor knows for sure. I think that everyone's experience is different, so maybe it's not possible to generalize accurately.

While I did not have a living child after m/c (mine came before), I know a fair number of people who have had healthy babies after losses. So, please keep the faith!

You might also want to visit the Parenting after a Loss board on this site: many of them have bee blessed with healthy bubs after having lost angels. There's some inspiration!!

Big hugs,

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