pregnant again and scared

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pregnant again and scared

Hello, I am new at this one. This is the 3rd pregnancy in 15 months. And scared. I have 2 children 15 and 7 years old. My husband and I have been trying for 3 years. We became pregnant last year was so excited. Went to the first appointment and they said that the baby was small for 8 weeks old. I thought well thats ok both my kids were little. 5 lbs 5 oz and 6 lbs even. The baby had a heart beat. ( at this time of our lives we have been trying for 2 years now) and 12 days later the baby didnt have a heart beat. It hurt us both as well as our children. 6 months later i get pergnant again. Again 8 weeks appointment the fetus didnt have a heart beat. but was the size of a 10 week old baby. With both of those pregnany's I had to have a DNC. Now again i am 9 weeks along with my first appointment next week and getting scared. I have talked it over with my husband alot about being scared but hes very postive about it. I on the other hand as a mother has to go through all the pain of losing a child again. I am sorry I went on and on just need another mother to talk to. Maybe it will ease my worries away. So I am asking someone any one to get back with me.

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I am so so sorry for your losses. It is just devestating to lose a child, at any stage or any age.

I have also had losses, as many ladies here have. I just wanted to extend a :bigarmhug: and know that I will be thinking of you at your appointment!

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thanks alot it means alot to me. I will keep you posted.

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Welcome to Please know that I, too, am incredibly sorry for your previous losses. I do understand your fear well -- having experienced multiple losses at various stages over the years.

I will keep you and your little one in my thoughts and prayers that this time will be different. I do suggest that you share your concerns with your personal caregiver and ask them for some reassurances on how to approach your pregnancy this time for a far better outcome!

Since this particular board is for those currently experiencing a loss, I do suggest that you try to connect with members of your current birth board. You can find your due date birth club by clicking here. Unfortunately, I'm certain that you will not be the only one on your board that has had a previous loss. Also - you may find additional support on our Anything Board! We have a variety of folks that drop by there including others with "been there/done that" experience of having a pregnancy after a loss.

((((((HUGS))))) Please feel free to drop me a note as well anytime if I can help connect you with resources or support on our website or locally if you need.

I wish you only the best in your journey,

~Missy (

P.S. Please do know that I have removed your personal email per our Community Guidelines for safety and security.

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I hope you have a better outcome this time. I recently found out that I'm expecting #3. But this is my 6th pregnancy. I'm terrified.

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I am sorry for your losses. I also have had several losses. I understand it is a very stressful time when you are pregnant after a loss. :bigarmhug: