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    Has anyone heard that it is now a guideline of ACOG that any miscarriage after ten weeks be tested. Well, I mean that the parents be genetically screened for clotting disorders. My OB never mentioned this. I have a friend who lost a her second pregnancy because, that later guessed, of a clotting disorder. Her third baby was born in bad shape, but fine. Her fourth pregnancy she was taking blood thinners the whole time, and the baby was healthy and full term.

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    I havent heard of this. BUt then i havent been reading up on such things lately either. Too busy with chemistry and land measuremnts and such stuff in class. Sorry to be no help. BUt i could imagine it would be good if they did that.

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    I had not heard this, but I think that it is a great step forward. Information is our most powerful weapon.


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    Usually they do not do any testing until the thrid loss.

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    I have not heard anything like that. But traditionally you are not tested until you have two losses. But you can have children and then have losses due to a clotting disorder. It's actually pretty common. Many clotting disorders are inherited (like mine). Ask your family members about history of stroke and DVT's. If you start to see a pattern, then there is a reason to test.

    You can PM me with any clotting and or loss questions anytime too Shelly. After having two losses, I have done a fair amount of research on pretty much everything related to loss. And I obsessed with finding a reason for my losses...I just could not let it go. I am glad I did too because if not for my persistence, I would had never been tested for my clotting disorder.

    Hang in there hun.


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    I have not heard about these new guidelines, but I hope they do make them! I did not know to insist on testing with my loss at 16 weeks, and have regretted that everyday since. Expecting a woman to go through multiple losses before making any attempt to figure out what is going on is just cruel and highly indicative of the state of medicine in this country.

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