Psychic Predictions???

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Psychic Predictions???

Hello all. I have been on this board several times and i havnt recently post but i wanted to share some news with you ladies. In March i lost our third baby to an ectopic pregnany, and i almost died. About a month afterwards my father went to a psychic to ask if i would ever be able to carry a child full term. This psychic told my father i would get a bfp in december of 2007 and it would be twins. I have my doubts about psychics, but then today I inquired on the web site of jenny renny, who does predicitions for women trying to conceive. The email i got back from her just sent me into shock. She told me that i would get a bfp in december of 2007, and that it would be twin girls, and that i would have the girls August 14-18th. I mean how can two psychics that dont know eachother come to the same conclusion. This has given me alot of the faith i have lost to conceive a baby and carry full term. I hope that you all do not think i am crazy, I just wanted to share this story with you ladies and see if any of you have done the same thing. Thanks so much, Tiffany

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That is a little freaky. However, please do not set your hopes purely on these predictions. I believe that there are people that truly have special abilities, but not as many as claim they do. I am glad to hear that you have had some of your faith restored. I truly believe in signs and help from our angels that are watching over us. Whether true or not, I believe that it was Damien that led us to the lawyer that we currently have. I pray that your prediction does come true.


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I second what Shelly said. That is kind of spooky though. I hope that it holds true for you!

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I see a Spiritualist Medium regularly and they have told me a lot of things that have come true. Like the pp said though please beware of fraudsters and take anything that is said with a pinch of salt. It's fun and interesting to have predictions, but you alone are responsible for your future.


The last time i went to see a medium i went to someone different for a change, but it was my regular mediums husband. He told me of messages from my grandparents and my grandma brought through Zane with her to tell me that he was okay and that she was looking after him. He told me that this baby i am carrying is a girl weeks before we found out that she was.

Sometimes the things they say can be vague, but i have learned that some of the things they say only ring true after time.

If you really are interested in finding out what the spirits have in store for you it would help to visit your nearest Spiritualist Church. They can usually be relied upon to be honest.