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So I had my D&E about ten days ago now. No bleeding at all for about 4 days. Then last night DH was trying to get me in the mood, even though we are not DTD right now for obvious reasons. I was totally turned on, and this morning was spotting again. You think it's hormones causing that or just coincidence?

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My bleeding had stopped then it started on and off again, for the same reason at some point too i might add! I did post on here as was a little concerned but i think it is quite normal, as long as there is no pain and the bleeding isnt very heavy. HTH!! I think if your unsure though contact your dr.

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The bleeding can be on and off for a while....I would let your ob know just to be on the safe side. She may want to check just to make sure that no poc was left behind...


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I cannot say for sure, but it makes sense to me that would have an effect.


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I agree as well that it can be off and on for a while . If you feel concern it is always better to see the dr. then to stress about it as stress is not good for any kind of healing process.

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