Question about AF after d&c (XP)
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Thread: Question about AF after d&c (XP)

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    Default Question about AF after d&c (XP)

    I either read or was told that you must have 3 weeks without any bleeding after a d&c before you can say it is AF starting. Is this true? Is this the way it happened with most of you?

    I had a d&c on Aug 27th (4 weeks ago tomorrow). I had no bleeding the first 3 days, then some spotting - light bleeding (not much) until Sept 9th (so up to about 2 weeks after d&c).

    It's now day 13 since spotting stopped and I just discovered some more spotting when I went to the bathroom. What do you think?

    I did just finish a big workout too - related?

    ETA: I normally have 28 day cycles and tomorrow would be day 28 if D&C was day 1.
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    I would say if you keep bleeding then its a AF, if not, its just spotting. Im still waiting for AF so Im not quite sure.

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    Hugs! I know I already replied on the other board.

    It's probably your period. Because your hormones are all out of whack, you can spot through the first half of your cycle (I had that happen to me for a couple of months after my first m/c). You can also end up with a shorter LP.

    I'd say you probably O'd and the progesterone stabilized everything for a couple of weeks and now you are getting AF.

    Good luck

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    I agree with the above poster. Sometimes it takes some time for your bodies to re-regulate itself after a M/C. Just take it easy and we are always here to listen.

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    Default (multiple m/c ment.)

    It's been a while since my D&C (1st m/c only) -- so I can't remember when the bleeding stopped and physical normalcy resumed. Sorry.

    But what I do remember echoes exactly what Aurora (militarybaby) said : in my case, after each m/c I had weird bleeding and strange periods for just a few months. Before the D & C, my ob/gyn told me to expect that because (in his words) "your body has just gone through a traumatic and unusual experience. So your periods will be weird for a while, because it takes a while for the body to right itself." That made a lot of sense to me.

    So if it seems strange even for a little while yet, I'm sure that it's just natural. When my body resumed having a regular cycle pattern again, it was obvious to me. I'm guessing it will be obvious to you too.

    I'm glad you've written. It's a very healing thing to do. We care.


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