Question about bleeding after D&C (MC Mentioned)

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Question about bleeding after D&C (MC Mentioned)

I have a question for those who have had D&Cs. I had a D&C on April 1st after they couldn't find a HB at 11 weeks. My OB said I had too much tissue to pass on my own. I started my period on May 6th. It was a little heavier than normal, but a little shorter. Since then, I have been spotting or light bleeding. The blood is brownish to reddish and sometimes I have very light cramping or backache. Has anyone else experienced this? How long should bleeding last? I am hoping that I don't have remaining tissue. Thanks for your help.

Just wanted to update. I stopped spotting a few days after I called my OB. Wondering if my cycle will be regular. We will see. Thanks for your responses

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I didn't have a D&C but delivered my 16 week old naturally on April 11th. I have just had my first period on 16th May and it has been really, really heavy and is starting to get a lot lighter. I know it isn't exactly the same but so far it sounds like i am going through the same as you.

Sorry I can't be of any further help.

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Called my OB office and they said to call back if I am still having any bleeding 8 weeks post D&C which is in one more week. Hopefully it will stop by then. Just wanted to update in case anybody else has this issue.

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My first period post D&C was heavy and I did spot for a few days. Sending hugs.

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I am glad you called your doc, that is what I would have said. Wink I have had two d&cs, and had some spotting after, but no where near that long. KUP!

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If you start to bleed a lot or pass clots get into the ER. I actually perforated after my DNC, not my obgyn's fault, just where my baby had implanted. Tried hormones to get my uterus to stop bleeding, evetually had to have the tear cauterized and that fallopian tube removed. Sucked. But, from a medical stand point (this is coming from a med student) eight weeks after a DNC is still within normal limits, just watch the amount of bleeding. Hope all goes well!