Question about hCG levels after m/c (TTC ment)
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Thread: Question about hCG levels after m/c (TTC ment)

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    Default Question about hCG levels after m/c (TTC ment)

    Hi ladies, I just had a quick question. I'm on CD 14 today, since my M/c at 5 weeks. So, basically, before I started bleeding, my hCG levels went from 29 at 4 weeks, 38 at 4.5 weeks, then 17 at 5 weeks. I started bleeding heavily 2 days later, on the Saturday. My appointment with my RE was the Thursday following, and she called today to say my hCG levels had risen slightly to 26. Is this a normal thing, or could I need to have a D&C still. I am still spotting very lightly now, every now and then, so I'm just a bit worried as to what happens now.
    I'm really hoping to continue TTC this cycle, and I don't want to waste a cycle, or wait too long for O, if my levels aren't dropping. I have to go tomorrow for another blood draw to see what is happening now. How long does hCG usually stay in your system after a chemical pregnancy? I kind of thought since my levels were never that high that I might be able to just keep going on as normal this cycle. I'm kind of thrown, cause a nasty little thought came to my mind, that maybe there's another in there, thats just getting going... but deep down i know that's just ridiculous. Wishful thinking huh!

    Sorry this was so long I appreciate any advice, thank you

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    I am sorry that you are going through this and am so very sorry for your loss.

    I hope that you find the peace that you deserve and best of luck with future TTC


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    Hi Sheree,

    My situtation wasn't exactly the same as yours, but it did take about six weeks for my HCG levels to drop to zero after I had a D&C at 16 weeks. So, sometimes even with a D&C, this can happen. I've heard of it happening in chemical pregnancies as well. In my case, there was probably a very tiny amount of tissue that was still left in my uterus that caused my HCG levels to remain elevated for so long. Mine did even rise a little, like yours. My doctors wanted to do a second D&E, which I felt strongly against, and so we tried methotrexate injections instead. That seemed to work for me as my levels dropped to zero shortly thereafter. However, it also just takes some people longer for the HCG to be completely removed from their systems, even if there is no retained tissue. My advice would be to maybe ask your doctor to do an ultrasound of your uterus to see if he can see anything that is left from your miscarriage. That could also put to rest your fears about there being a second one in there. If it's all clear, you probably just need to wait a little longer. If the doctor sees any tissue on the ultrasound, then you may need to consider a D&C or possibly even the methotrexate.

    You probably won't ovulate as long as there is HCG still in your system. One other consideration - with the methotrexate, it's best to wait about three months before TTC to make sure the drug is all gone. It's actually a chemotherapy drug, and it's affect on a fetus has not really been well researched. So, this may not be a good option for you if you really want to TTC right away.

    I hope that helps and I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    Hugs and fuzzies. Talk to your dr if you feel uncomfortable. Dont ever think your concern is unjustified. It is better to ask then to worry.


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