Question??? Dating m/c

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Question??? Dating m/c

Hello all!!! You have been all so wonderful and helpful to me in the past week and a half! Can I bug you all with one more question?
So I found out last tuesday (I would have been 10.5 weeks) at my appt that I was going to m/c. Friday I had a D/C (11 weeks). My doctor told me the baby probably stopped developing at 5-6 weeks, if she were to guess. My guess would be 7 weeks (my only prego symptom of nausea) I know this isn't that important in the grand picture.... But when you would all date my baby as when I lost it??? When it grew its wings???? I feel like this might help me with some closure.


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I just want to say how sorry I am for you loss. I completely understand what you're saying about feeling closure and kinda accepting that this is real. What helped me a lot, was the day I decided to name him. I felt really ment he existed, and if he had a name...he couldn't be forgotten.
Some people date it from their d&c/natural loss of the baby. Some people date it from the day they found out. Some even date if from when it supposedly was lost.
I would say from the day you found out...or from the day of your d&c... depending on when you really feel like you lost it.
My experience was slightly simpler... I found out and had a d&c on the same day. So I dated his loss that day.
I really hope you can find a way for you got get some closure and feel a little bit better.
We're always here. Bug us with any questions whenever you want to.

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I dated from the day I found out my baby had passed on...

I also wanted to add. When your baby passes on, it will start to shrink. My point is, when the doc measures how big your baby is, after he/she has passed on....This is not accurate as to when he/she *really* passed on...

I know this because I had an ultrasound at 7.5 wks with one of my pregnancies...Baby measured perfect..good heart beat as well. I went back for an ultrasound due to spotting at 9.3 wks, and my baby had passed on, and measured I believe 6.3 or 6.5 weeks. I asked the doc about this, and the above is what he told me....That the baby shrinks (for lack of a better word) once he/she passes on. This is why my baby measured around 6.3-6.5 wks, even though I had a dating ultrasound of 7.5 weeks with a strong heart beat.

If I had to guess. Based on symptoms, and the ultrasound scan at 7.5 weeks....My baby probably passed on late in the 8th week.

hth some how :bighug: