Question re: d&c/miscarriage - should I feel this way? (TMI)

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Question re: d&c/miscarriage - should I feel this way? (TMI)

Hi Everyone.

First off, thank you for your support from my thread from last week. I appreciate it so very much. I will probably start to join in a bit more this week.

My D & C was last Wednesday the 26th (Mon the 24th they found the baby at 6 wks without a heartbeat and I was supposed to be 9.5wks)

So today and last night I am feeling worse. I thought on Sunday I was starting to physically feel a little bit better but now my bleeding has increased and I am have extremely sharp pains. Have any of you experienced this or find that it may be normal? I think I'll call my doc once their office opens to be safe. I am not scheduled to see her until Thursday.

Any thoughts?

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I had alot of cramping after my D&C. It felt like the D&C caused me to start my period early. It lasted for about 2 weeks. I was beginning to think that it was never going to stop bleeding.

Give yourself time to heal. It will be better for you and for the health of your next baby. My doctor told me to try to wait at least 1 month, but he'd like for me to wait 2 if I could. We ended up waiting 3 months before conceiving again.

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I'm definitely trying to give myself time to heal - I just don't know if what I'm experiencing is normal. I'm waiting for a call back from my doc.

Thanks for writing~

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After the proceedure the doctor did in the office (called a rocket, but similar to d n c) they did an ultrasound to find a lot of clotting in my uterus. They sent me home on methergine (to induce cramping) which didn't seem to do much while I was taking it. Two days after, I woke to severe cramping that followed shortly after by me passing some large clots. I had called the doctors office and left a message, but when they didn't get back to me and I started passing large clots, I called again and went in right away. Hang in there and if you feel like you need to be seen, just go in.

I also had a lot of emotional stuff going on. The cramping woke me up at 4:30AM which is when the contractions woke me up when I was in labor for my son. They also felt like contractions which really threw me for a loop.


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When I had my miscarriage, my contractions started at 3:00 in the morning. After laying in bed for about a half an hour to see if they would go away, I decided to wake my husband and have him take me to the hospital. They are quite unmistakeable and very different than cramps.

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I also had my D&C on Wednesday and didnt have any bleeding until Friday night, then it started almost like a period and with alot of cramps. I took 3 motrin and it got better. It has since tapered off to nothing today. Just some spotting. Thankfully it is ending. Hope this helps

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Im so sorry for your loss. I would definitely call your doc if you are at all concerned, its best to just check it out. GL

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Update on today

The doctor called me back. I already have an appt set up for Thursday for my post op visit. My doctor wants me to now do a sonogram after talking to me today to make sure that they got everything during surgery and make sure that there isn't something else there that was missed. My DH said that after surgery the doc told him everything went well so I'm hoping that this pain is just from me trying to get back to normal at work and working a full 10hr day yesterday and that maybe that was just too much. Another possibility according to my docs nurse, and its a VERY SMALL possibility is that I may already be going into a cycle although they had said I shouldn't expect my period from anywhere to 4 - 8 wks.

For now they said to take 800mg of pain reliever and see how I feel. They said if I get a fever on top of this to come in but other than that to keep up w/ the pain relievers and we'll do a sono prior to my Thursday follow up appt.

Thank you everyone for your responses and thoughts~



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:bighug: I am sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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