Questions (pg ment, poss m/c, poss TMI)

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Questions (pg ment, poss m/c, poss TMI)

Hi I got PG after an IVF cycle. My Betas at first were:
2/8: 8

On the 13th they had me stop all my PG support Medication and told me I would soon m/c.

So devestated I took off the 14th and 15th and insisted on another beta on the 15th and when they called they said that the number didn't do anything from the 13th. So I got through the weekend and on Monday the 18th I started bleeding but with no cramping. Tuesday morning 6th Beta test and afterwards the cramping started while still bleeding but no clots. When I have my cycle I always pass clots. They said it would be like a normal but heavier cycle. So that afternoon the nurse calls me and said your number went up to 134 and mentioned that my number on the 15th was actually 35 so it did do something.

Anyway I have had a severe headache since Sunday. It has come and gone but Tylenol doesn't do anything for it. I took a half day yesterday and stayed on my couch for the remainder of the day. Last night I passed two clots that were flat and they passed hours apart after that no more clotting except for tiny ones. It seems the bleeding has stopped.

Before they found out I was bleeding when they gave me the 134 they said they wanted me to start the meds again. Then once I told them I was bleeding they said never mind that I was most likely bleeding. I go for another Beta on Friday but I just have a funny feeling. I don't feel like I m/c. I don't have many PG symptoms but don't feel it is gone.

The headaches worry me and wonder why my numbers were stagnant and then did the doubling. Any thoughts if I actually did miscarry?

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I really dont know what to tell you. "They" say that your betas should double every 48 hours...but I dont know why they didnt for the first couple days and then they went up...I really dont know. Please KUP.

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Have they done an u/s to be sure everythnig is clear?

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"vbear" wrote:

Have they done an u/s to be sure everythnig is clear?

I would ask for an u/s to verify what exactly is going on inside your body. I hope that they figure things out soon for your sake. Hang in there sweetie and let us know how things go.


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I would see if you can get an u/s. Before I knew I was having a m/c I had pain, which was an infection, a couple of hours later I started bleeding, no clots so I had a scan and found out my baby had died. Then I started to pass clots and I though "phew that must be it" but the next day the pain started to get worse and eventually I passed the sack (sorry, TMI) and it was all over. So I would say that maybe you haven't passed everything yet.

I hope this helps! Sorry your going through this

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It's possible you didn't m/c. I had heavy bleeding for 4 days and had 2 u/s that showed the baby was fine with a strong heartbeat. I did end up m/cing 24 hours after the second u/s, but my doctor was surprised - she thought for sure the pregnancy would continue.
I'd ask for an u/s to see if they can still see a sac and would keep having them follow your betas.

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If you had IVF and had more then one egg put back in...This could account for the prob with the numbers on 2/11 and 2/13... As more then one egg could have took...but one or two may have not made it...Which would have caused the potential prob with your numbers...

If this is the case (meaning, you had more then one egg put in) ..I am surprised they had you stop meds...If you know the worst has not happened at this point...I would def continue with the meds till they are able to see via ultrasound what may/may not be going on..