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A Quick Note

To All~
As I have never been through a loss, I cannot say I know how you feel. What I would like to say is that all of you are stronger than I could ever be. I am sorry for your losses, and pray that you get all the support and love you need at this hard time. I know I can't make it "better" but hopefully, knowing that each of you has a place in my heart and in my prayers, will lend you some comfort.
All of my love,

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Thank you for your kind thoughts :bighug:


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Thank you for those kind words.


Sarah, www.sarah-chambers.co.uk
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DS Zane born at 41.5 weeks by c-section.
Lost as a result of Vasa Praevia at one day old.
16 - 17 October 2006.

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Thank you that was very sweet!!

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Thank you for you words - they mean alot.