Quick Sarah update

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Quick Sarah update

Just called Sarah's mum. She said that both Sarah and Scott were doing brilliantly. Most of Sarah's drains were out so she had a nice shower and felt better for it. They are hoping to go home today or tommorow. I think there will be a blessing for Ada today. She is off the morphine now which is great too. I'm hoping to see her later.

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I just can't imagine how they feel. I am glad they are doing okay. I am glad they had some time with Ada, although never long enough.

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thankyou for another update. I too am glad they had some time with Ada, and will get to have a blessing for her. Continued hugs and prayers.

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Thanks for the update Anna.....

I am glad she is in good spirits right now....But I know what is coming....

Please let her know we are all here for her....that we love her



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