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Hi Ladies,

Recently there has been several requests for charitable donations on the boards. Its wonderful that so many of our members are willing to give their time or hard earned money to help out others. We do have to ask that those wanting to request donations [ request]contact admin[/email] for approval before posting as stated in the]Community guidelines

5) Donation drives and Solicitations. All donation/charity drives and solicitations posted on site must be approved by management prior to posting. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider requests for personal reasons (financial hardships, new computers for members, or to gain funding for continuing education, etc.) We are simply too large a community and it is extremely difficult for us to determine one person's need more worthy than another. It has also been our experience to have members conned with illegitimate requests. While we often get to know our members personally and realize that there are many worthwhile causes, we still must apply the rules "across the boards". Requests considered must be for serious cause, proven via a verifiable source (such as a news agency or public service) or for a national foundation such as the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, etc. with all monies directly donated to the charity. If you would like more information, simply email us with your request.

If you have questions, please contact Missy ( or Ang (