Re-introducing myself- it's been awhile

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Re-introducing myself- it's been awhile

Hi everybody. I posted/lurked some here when I first suffered a natural m/c in March, but I stopped after the initial waves of grief subsided.

However, it's been almost 4 months since my m/c began, and AF still hasn't returned. Lately it's felt like every day I go without a period, I lose the baby all over again. I just can't feel officially healed until AF returns, and the waiting for weeks and weeks on end just sucks so much, especially since I thought I would at least be TTC again by now.

So I'm back, seeking support. I feel like some kind of prodigal daughter. I have a dr appointment on July 15, so we'll see what she says. But in the meantime, I just need a little encouragement. This place was so warm and compassionate and welcoming in the spring. I found such comfort here. I'm hoping that that can be true again. And I will try to return the favor as well.

Thanks, ladies. Smile

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Hi EmmyG. I'm sorry your dealing with this and it's still so fresh in your mind. I remember you from the October board. We lost our babies really close together. I too am still here now and then. Most days are okay, but some are still hard. I'm glad that you came back though. Whenver I'm haivng a bad day, the ladies here listen and make me feel, if not better, at least understood.

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I'm sorry things are taking so long for you. The waiting really sucks. I really hope your doctor can give you some answers.

Did they test your HCG lately? Just a thought.

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Hugs hon. I go in spurts with coming here and posting as well. I hope your appt gives some answers and that af shows again very soon! Hugs and prayers!

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Welcome back, Emmy!

I'm glad you're writing in about what's on your mind, and I agree with the pp's about seeing a doctor -- why not?

I remember the long wait. You'll experience some unusual periods after. You're right: it does suck, but eventually things do return to normal. My ob/gyn explained ithat my body had just gone through a real shock, and so it can take quite a while to 'right itself'. But each time it did.

We're here for you, sweetheart. We're going to help you through this too.


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I am so sorry that you are still waiting for AF. I can only imagine what that is putting you through.

Don't feel bad about not coming here or coming and going. We all have to handle our grief in the best way for us. I had my moment when I had to step away from the board as well.

I do more lurking than anything else any more. However, the closer that Damien's first angelversary gets the more I need the love and comfort of the ladies on this board.


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"squirlyj" wrote:

Did they test your HCG lately? Just a thought.

Oh! If only I could be that lucky! Smile DH and I are trying not to conceive until we are convinced that my body has returned to normal. Still, I have taken a few HPTs along the way, just in case, always with a negative results. I'm pretty sure that my dr will order some blood tests next week.

Thanks everyone for all of the warm wishes. I feel so blessed to be able to come here and get such great support so immediately!

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Hi Emmy. Our losses were kind of close to each others I remember you from earlier in the year as well. We are all here for you. I don't come here all the time, sometimes it's so hard, but am just a pm away if you ever need to talk. Please keep us posted on how your appt on the 15th goes.

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