recent m/c, question about physical pain

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recent m/c, question about physical pain

Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong board, I wasn't sure where to ask this.
I found out I was pg 16 days ago, and 13 days ago I started bleeding. I've been to the Dr's and hcg is down to zero and ultrasound showed uterus is empty. All my miscarriages have been incredibly different but I'm having so much pain, cramping, and spotting today. I saw the Dr 5 days ago and she did an exam and said everything looks normal so I don't understand where all this pain is coming from.
I went on a biz trip with my dh this week thinking I was fine and so I'm not even able to go back into my dr's.
does this seem normal to anyone? does it sound like an infection? (I don't have a fever) It feel like my uterus is trying to escape from my body (and I'd probably be better off if it did)
Any replies are appreciated, I'm not sure if there's something I should do or just wait it out.

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First I am soooooo sorry for your loss

I would say to call your doc, and tell her what you are experiencing. I had a d/c with my miscarriage, so I'm not sure what you should be feeling, but what you are describing sounds like it warrants at least a phone call. Sometimes docs can miss a small part of the placenta and when your body notices it tries to expell it. You may want to post on TTCAL, some ladies there I'm sure could give you some great advice.


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I am so sorry for your loss :comfort:

Are you sure your pregnancy was in the uterus?? and not in one of your tubes??

There is also a chance she missed poc on the utrasound...And your body is trying to fix this.

Infection is a possibility....I would ask her if she could do further testing, just to rule it out..

I would let her know what you are experiencing....

All this being said...You could be just fine. This may just be how your body is reacting to this loss..

please kup?


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I would just like to ditto the other ladies. Perhaps you could call the doctor and make an appointment just to make sure everything is okay. Pain is usually an indicator of something being 'not quite right'. Please KUP? I hope it's something simple to treat.