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I am hereby releasing myself from the job of being a blithering idiot and wallowing around in self-pity.

One day last week I went to eat at a local salad bar for lunch. The girl at the register must have been in her late teens and was a skinny as a rail. I was waiting on my order wondering what it would be like to have a long waist (because I have a very very short waist and as a result I look fatter than I should----but that's a different discussion). Then we struck up a conversation about the "unique" spelling of my name and I offered her a piece of advise to just think about "unique" spellings when she has a child one day because I've always had to spell out my name and for those that read it---help them pronounce it. She told me that she would be thinking about names in the next 7 months, when she was due. I congratulated her and told her I look forward to seeing how she is coming along since I eat there about once a week.

Then I found myself, of course, thinking about the daughter that I never got to hold, but certainly got to love. My mind took me to a place that has been common since our loss as I sat there waiting for my vegetable soup. And then it just hit me---no amount of wallowing in myself is going to bring her back. She is in heaven and is happy as a clam. We will meet when I get there one day and I don't want her to ask me why I spent my life weeping over her when I good and well knew we would meet again. I think she would want me to always remember her, love her, and acknowledge her in my thoughts and words.

What I could do is offer support to those that need a shoulder to cry on or an ear just to listen. I can tell people that I've been there, I understand what it's like, and that I still have hope for the future. Hope that if God chooses to bless our family with another child then we will love that child for all of eternity. But understanding that if it is not HIS will that we are blessed with another child then it is not something I have to understand now. I just have to know that I will understand one day and that my heavenly father knows what is best for his children.

So, I'm writing just to finalize my choice to myself. I will always love you, my precious angel. I will never forget you and will look forward to seeing you in Heaven one day. But I will not spend my days mourning and trying to understand something that I do not have the capacity to understand.


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I think that is so awesome that you have found peace. I am along the same lines-I have chosen not to dwell on my losses so much but rather what I have in life. I agree that we will never understand the why of what has happened. Not that I don't think of my 2 angels that I lost, but I also think about how happy they are up in Heaven with their Nana. I know she is happy and that I will one day see them again. I certainly have my days though and understand that for some, the healing process is not as easy and i respect that wholeheartedly. I think it's great that you are willing to come here and still offer your support to everyone. I know when I was having a hard time at first everyone's words for so encouraging. Sounds like we have the same faith and that's a wonderful comfort in life!


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Wow that was wonderful.

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You sound like a strong woman. You are totally right in that being so sad all the time does not make anything better and our babies would not like to see us this way. I am happy that you are in the place that you are now.

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What an amazing epiphany. I hope to reach that level some day.


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THat si beautiful what you wrote. I think along the same lines as you, and i came to that conclusions at some point when i thought i was over the abuse from my exH. Haha, I found i am not, when i had to hear his voice at a phone-in hearing for child support. BUt i still have my days and then tears come to my eyes and i feel terrible. THat is when coming to helps me as i visit all the places and get to talk and send hugs to friends who need it.

You are very expressive in a beautiful way with your words. TY

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Thank you for all of your support and encouraging words ladies. :bigarmhug::bigarmhug: