Rememberance gifts (l/c & child death ment)

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Rememberance gifts (l/c & child death ment)

My friend gave birth to premature twins in May (26 weeks). Her son survivied but her daughter passed after 18 hours.

We are the type of friends that exchange gifts for our children at Christmas and Birthdays. I want to do or give something as a rememberance gift for her daughter as well as giving her son his gift. I also want to do something for BOTH children for their 1st birthday.

1. Is this too much?

2. If not too much, what suggestions do you have for things to do / give? I've been thinking about it since May and everything just seems to stereotypical, corny or just not right.

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You know I read an article about planting a rose bush in memory of a m/c or a lost child. I have been thinking of doing this myself.

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Gemma, I do not think it is too much. I think they will greatly appreciate you remembering their dd. As to suggestions, I just do not know.

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I think you are a very thoughtful friend. She's lucky to have you.

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We donate a toy to Toys for Tots (or similar) for the age Joseph would be at that Christmas.

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from a lurker:

my sweet sometimes gives me tiny gifts of remembrance for the ones i lost. those little gifts are all i have and when she gives me one, it opens the door for me to heal my grief one tiny bit more. i don't think it'd be too much.