Results from Chromosomal Testing... (ttc mentioned)

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Results from Chromosomal Testing... (ttc mentioned)

Ok, so my doctor called me today and gave me the results from the chromosomal testing. It appears that the fetus was completely normal.... He said something must just have gone 'wrong' during development.... I am kind of wondering.... Is it something I did, since the baby wasn't predestined to not be viable. Anyone else have the chromosomal results come back normal?

Well, we've also been given the OK to TTC again. I think we may kind of go for it this month, but not really get gung-ho until next cycle. Doc just said to make sure I was taking my prenatals and give it a go.


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You did nothing wrong. There are a million things that need to happen in a certain order to create a baby, just one thing goes wrong can lead to a m/c. Nothing you did or did not do cause it. My first and third m/c had normal results. I never had the second baby tested as I had a natural m/c.

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I am gonna second that...You did nothing wrong...Get that idea right out of your head..



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I'm sure you will have done nothing wrong honey.


Do they tell you the sex of your angel from those tests? Have you given him or her a name? You may not want to , i just know that a few ladies here have given their lost beans names.

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LOSS and M/C and PG MENT

I have had a loss at 28 weeks, my daughter and twin boys at 12 weeks. Tests were ran on all the babies and there was nothing wrong with them. There is nothing that you did wrong. I have seen specialist and several have reviewed my charts and there was nothing they could even point to that might be a flag that something was wrong. Plus I have searched the internet far and wide with nothing really standing out.

I am currently pg now and for this pg here is the routine that my dr put me through. At five weeks I had an u/s to ensure the baby was in the right place. There was only this little black dot but that was enough. I was started on pregesterone (pill form) from 5 to 16 weeks and Folic Acid, prenatal vitamins, and a baby asprin once a day. During this pg I am not allowed any other medication not even tylenol. I had weekly u/s to check growth on the baby with my regular OB/GYN and then at 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 etc I see my specialist who does actual measurements to ensure the correct growth pattern. I'm currently 27 weeks right now and everything seems to be on track. Point of the story: Keep the faith and stay strong there is light at the end of the tunnel and I hope by sharing my story is gives you hope for your future pg's.

PM if you have more questions or want to talk.