Rough day(mc ment, ttc ment,child ment)

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Rough day(mc ment, ttc ment,child ment)

So I was just sitting here earlier checking my gas bill of all things and for some reason it hit me. I realized that I didnt know how far along I would have been. So rather than letting it go I had to look at the calender. I would have been 18w 2d. It hit me that I would have been finding out the gender soon and I would have been showing and it just tore me up. It has been 8 weeks since my d and c and still no af. I started Provera 4 days ago after struggling for almost two weeks with the decision of whether or not to take it. It just sucks that not only do I not have my child, but my body isnt doing what it is supposed to do to allow me to get pregnant again. I babysit and I just started watching Abby a beautiful 8 week old baby(she was born the day of my d and c) and it sucks so bad to look at her and want a baby so bad. My 21 month old dd loves her and keeps saying how she wants a baby. I just want to scream! Ok Im done venting just needed to get it out somewhere for someone to hear.

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{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}} vent all you need,we understand completely.I was fine today at work till this little young lazy girl that misses more days then she works came in and i looked at her and realize she was preg Sad

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The same exact thing happened to me too sweetie. So I had to take Provera twice, and after the 3rd time of not starting my period on my own, my OB finally put me on Metformin. I'm happy to say that AF arrived last Thursday on her own. If you are constantly late, tell your doctor, they can help you. It will also make you feel better and in control of your body.

Hope you feel better soon:bigarmhug:

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my problem is I only have insurance for a few more weeks so I cant be going back and forth to the doc

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You are so much stronger than I am. I couldn't look at little babies for months after our loss. It was just too painful and I was so bitterly jealous.

I know that morbid curiosity does us in every time. I am sorry that it hit you so hard today. I wish you peace.


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Im sorry for your loss, and sorry you have to go through this. I constantly look to see how far along I would be if I was still pg. I also had a d & c, im sorry you are having such problems with af returning. I hope it shows soon.

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:bighug: I am sorry for your loss. It's hard enough to lose your baby; I can't imagine what it must be like to have a babysit someone else's 8-week-old baby, and listen to your daughter ask for a baby sister. I don't think that I would be strong enough to do that. And on top of everything, you have to deal with your body not getting back to normal. I hope the Provera works. You are in my thoughts and prayers.