sad today

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sad today

I'm not sure if it's totally to do with this but one of the other mothers in our playgroup found out she was pg yesterday. and I"m so so happy for her, but at the same time it made me sad. Sad
I'm just in kind of a mood I guess. Thanks for listening.

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:bighug: It is a very natural feeling to be upset by the news of someone else being pregnant-my husband told me last night that his nephew got his teenage girlfriend pregnant and i totally lost it...

hang in there-it will be your turn again soon i hope!


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tons of hugs and warm fuzzy feelings. I just know how you feel. I believe most of us go through this, it is jut natural. I hope you are feeling better after telling us.

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isn't it funny the last two posts got posted together. DOnt even get me started on how i loose it when i receive such news about teen pg TMI Sorry if ti bothers someone.

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That kind of news is very hard to hear no matter how well you know/love a person. It just reminds us of how unfairly we have been treated by life. I hope that you feel better soon.


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Sorry Lisa--i know how that feels--a co-worker just found out she is pg, andit really depressed me too.

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Im sorry. I totally understand how you feel, my best friend is due to give birth any day, and I find myself thinking its so unfair. I think your feelings are completely normal, but im so sorry you have to go through this.