Saw my doctor...

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Saw my doctor...

So, I totally broke down today. I called the nurse at my doctors office and cried about my three lost babies. So she got me in to see my doc today instead of Friday.

He was really good about things. He ordered a huge list of blood work and they took at least 10 vials! He wants to see my Friday so I'll get all the results before the weekend, too. He also referred me to an ob/gyn, got me an appointment with a counsellor, prescribed me sleeping pills and just generally reassured me that they were taking things seriously.

I'm still really sad, but I feel better that we are actually doing something other than waiting.

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Hugs Jennifer. I'm glad that you got in to see your doc, and he sounds like a wonderful man and doctor. I hope Friday you leave with some answers and peace. Please kup!

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I am glad to hear that you were able to get in to see your doctor and that he took such good care of you. :bigarmhug:


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That's awesome that your doc is taking you seriously and is working hard to try and find you some answers.