Scared (pg ment,m/c ment)... update....
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Thread: Scared (pg ment,m/c ment)... update....

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    Unhappy Scared (pg ment,m/c ment)... update....

    i dont know how to handle my day to day life right now...

    i just found out thu. that i am PG again...

    we were so not planning this at all...

    i had started taking BC a month ago and just didnt feel right...

    i tested on monday before my new back and it was a BFP...

    i had a blood test done in Aug. and from what i know it was neg.
    (i miss af in aug. had really bad pains. went to the hospital and BFN...)

    I have no clue how far along i would be.. the m/w say 11 weeks...
    if that is true i am not scared but i know it isnt true...

    how am i going to handle this again so soon...

    it was only May when we lost our angel...

    i want to be so happy... but i cant...

    i have only told two people i fear of lossing this baby too..

    thanks for reading i just needed to let it out somewhere and this was the best place for me after me loss in May...


    .................................................. ..................
    well sat. i went into the ER(a diff. one) ...
    i was having a lot of pain in my belly...
    they did a bunch of test and also did a U/S....

    we got to see the baby...
    it was at 8 weeks and 1 day...
    we got to see the hb and it was at 171....

    the bad news is that i might have a kidney stone...
    i will know more about that tomorrow...
    they think that is what my pain has been...
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    Im so sorry that you're feeling scared. I just wanted to send along a hug...


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    (((Hugs))) Just take a deep breath and take one day at a time. Worrying will not change the outcome so try to relax. Hoping for the best for you.

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    I can only imagine the thoughts that are running through your head right now. Do you have an appt scheduled for an u/s to date the pregnancy? That should answer a lot of your questions. I pray that you find the peace that you need and deserve so much.


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    I am sorry that this came as such a surprise. You are normal to feel scared, but like the other ladies said, relax. The more you worry and stress they worse it will seem. Hopefully the u/s can pinpoint better how far along you are.

    Big Hug for you. Let us know how you are doing. I will be thinking about you.

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    First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I know how scary it can be to get pregnant after a loss and i wouldnt dare say "everything will be okay this time" because that's so insulting! I will say though that i hope you have a wonderfully boring and long pregnancy with a healthy baby to take home at the end of it all.

    Have you checked out the Pregnant After A Loss Board? The girls there are awesome and they ALL know exactly how you are feeling right now. Here's a link: Pregnant After A Loss

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    Hugs Beverly. I can imagine your fears and worries. Congrats on your pregnancy as well. Try not to worry too much!

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