Scared and worried (mc ment)

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Scared and worried (mc ment)

Hi ladies,

Once again I need your advice, I am due to go in for my d & c on Fri and i am terrified. I am so frightened of the anaesthetic (sp?) It has always been a real phobia of mine. Now the initial upset that I have been feeling about the miscarriage has turned in to me having practically panic attacks every time I think of the anaesthetic. The procedure or pain is not what bothers me. I am working myself up in to such a state over the whole thing.

Just wondered if any of you had found and taken any other options other than the d & c, and if so what they were like? I would appreciate any advice of information that you can offer me. It does not look like ill miscarry naturally (which was what I hoped for), not so much as a spot or a cramp, and cervix shut tight (tmi sorry).

Thanks you in advance, this added complication of the m/c just seems to be getting me in to such a state.

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I was always afraid of going under too. There is really nothing to worry about. There are some natural methods but I am not sure what they are.

Good luck

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That was exactly the worry I had with my two m/c's. The doctor wanted to do the D&C under general anesthesia. I was 8.5 weeks when I found out about that I had miscarried (blighted ovum). I did research on it and found that unless I had complications--like severe bleeding or blood clots, there was no greater risk with allowing my body to miscarry naturally rather than having the D&C. A lot of women opt to have the D&C for psychological rather than physical reasons. For me, the stress of "going under" was greater than the stress of not having the closure immediately, so I chose to miscarry naturally. It did take another two weeks before my body figured out what was going on and everything resolved, but I didn't have to take any medications and didn't have to go under general anesthesia. I was glad to have made that decision for myself, but I do understand the desire to have the closure more immediately.

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The anesthesia they give you only lasts about 30 minutes-it's very light. what they do is when you get there they will put you on an IV drip. Once they get you in the actual procedure room the doctor will tell you he's going to start the IV drip-you will feel it burn just a little bit then you will be awake before you know it. I know it's scary to think about, but it really is safe. I didn't have any side effects from it-you will just feel very tired. It's natural that you are worried about it but since you have to wait until friday, is there any chance you could call your dr to see if they can move it to earlier-i would explain how you are feeling to him and see what he can do. I know there is a pill that you can take to make you miscarry naturally-you could discuss that option.

I'm really sorry you have to go through this.


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There are other options. One is that you can just be induced and deliver. The other is similar. It is a pill called Cytotec. I have a friend who is an OB nurse here and she did NOT want the D&C because all her nurses would have been in the surgery. She took Cytotec when she lost her baby at about 10 weeks. There are more risks with these things, so Dr.s are more reluctant to do them, plus you still have a possibility of needing the D&C anyway if everything doesn't pass on it's own, or you get an infection or have too much bleeding.

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I was exactly the same before my D&C. I had mine on 12/11 and I was terrified but wanted to get it over with. My first appt at 6 weeks showed an empty sac that was confirmed a week later. 12/11 I was ten weeks so nothing happened during that 4 weeks. I have no faith in my body to miscarry naturally. I got the lamenaria (sp?) inserted the afternoon before, it's made from seaweed and is suppose to open the cervix slowly over night. That was probably the worst part bc they packed so much stuff in there I could hardly pee and was very uncomfortable. I had IV sedation and a local on my cervix (not the same as general) and I don't remember a thing after the IV burning. I woke up after it was over in the post-op area. The pain and bleeding wasn't bad at all.

I choose the D&C over the pill Cytotec bc I had waited 3 weeks by then and couldn't imagine if the pill didn't work how much longer it would be dragged out.

I'm so sorry for your loss. A missed miscarriage is so hard, for me it was like I was frozen in time, couldn't move on, all I could think about was that I wasn't miscarrying yet. I went from praying there wouldn't be blood/spotting to praying there would be so it could be over. This is hard to hear but the pain of the loss does get better with time.


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For me it was the other way around, the D+C really worried me but the anaesthetic didnt. I promise you, the anaesthetic drugs they use these days are so safe, and the time you will be under is very short - about 20-20 minutes. The amount is a light anaesthesia too so you will be asleep but it is very very safe. Have you ever had a ga before? You will go to sleep so quickly you wont even have time to worry, they told me to take 3 deep breaths - i only got to 2!! The next thing i knew i was awake and it was over with. As for the cervix being shut tight, mine was too, they inserted a suppository about an hour before the ga which casues it to gently soften and dilate, they told me i may bleed and cramp a little with this but i didnt. Hope this helps (((HUGS)))

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Sweetie, you should call the hospital and see if they require the general anesthesia. My hospital didn't. I think they generally use it for the patient's comfort, but if it is just going to cause you more grief, it's obviously not going to provide comfort for you. I believe there are even people who are allergic to anesthesia or can't have it for other physical reasons, so I'm pree sure they have other alternatives. In some countries, they don't even use pain medication at all for D&C's. Ask them whether they could give you a local anesthetic or a drug instead. It may depend on your hospital's policies.

I can tell you from my own experience, however, that the general anesthesia is very quikc and painless. They put the IV in before the procedure, and once they were ready to begin, they just turned a little dial and a went to sleep. I didn't realy have time to worry about it or anything.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Yes, the anesthesia is so light, you don't have to be intubated.

I have realized what a fantastic thing light general anesthesia is through this process. Time doesn't pass when you are under, so it seems like it literally happens in a minute or two. It is short, mine took less than 20 minutes and I was 4 months along.

I think you have the option to do it with an epidural as well. I wouldn't rec'd that, as I can imagine it would emotionally quite devastating. They could probably give you something for that as well though, during the procedure.

I just wanted to add that I very much did not want to have the D&E. Just thinking about it made me cry. It hurts VERY much right now, emotionally. And it is very hard to make a decision like this when your emotions are running so high. I chose to do it for emotional reasons only, and because my Doc, my DH, and my mom all thought it was best as well. We were right. Once it is over, you can begin to have closure. On one hand that is crushing, but on another hand it is the beginning of being able to heal.

Good luck, whatever you decide. We all know what a tough decision it is. You can come to us anytime, because we all remember what it was like. For many of us, it hasn't even been but a couple of weeks or less since doing this. We are here for you.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. This was my response to another post. It's kind of long so I just copied and pasted. It may be more info than you want, but I hope it helps. If I read it correctly, I saw that a PP said she heard there were more risks with the pill, I was told the exact opposite of that by my OB, so I don't know, you may want to ask your Dr. to see what their opinion is, it may be situational. It is true that if the pill doesn't work, you would have to have a D&C, but the pill worked for me. Like a lot of others, I wasn't m/c naturally either...our baby had stopped growing 2 weeks before we found out. I know you're scared, I'm sorry you have to go through this. Good luck.



First I am so sorry for your loss. Using the pills was the best choice for me. I had a missed m/c at 10 weeks. I was given the pills on 9-11-07 at about 2 pm and I had to go back into the office on 9-12 for a u/s to make sure the pills had worked. They had and that was that. By the same time the next day the u/s confirmed it was over, all but some cramping. I bled off and on for a couple weeks, but it wasn't bad. After 3-4 days, there wasn't even enough to really need a pantyliner. Just some spotting. The cramping was painful, worse than AF, but I was given meds for that too. B/f and I stayed home together in p.j's and spent those two days together watching movies and talking, just being together. I NEVER passed anything that looked remotely like a baby. It was like a really really bad AF with clots, but I only noticed the clots in the restroom. My OB told me that I would only pass clots or I wouldn't have done it. We were told to wait at least one normal cyle to TTC again, we decided to wait until 1-1-08, we just needed the extra time for ourselves to heal. From what my OB told me, the pills work the fastest, there is less risk of infection when you have the pills, there is no scraping like there is with a D&C so less chance of causing scar tissue that can affect fertility later, and like PP said, you don't have to have anesthesia or go through a surgical procedure. But only you know what is right for you...knowing what I know now, I wouldn't change a thing about our decision. Like others have said, it was a personal decision for us. Chris wanted to be with me through it, I wanted it over fast, and the whole process of the surgery, just seemed too much for me. I didn't want to wake up from surgery and our baby just be gone, kwim? Chris and I being home alone together through it all was completely the best for us. It is a tough decision. I am truly sorry that it's a decision you even have to make. PM if you'd like. Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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As long as you have no signs of infection or serious bleeding, you can wait to miscarry naturally. It may take several weeks, though.

When they discovered my miscarriage at 10 weeks, they figured I had miscarried around 8 weeks and the baby had already reabsorbed and the sac was collapsing. It took another week for me to miscarry naturally. That's 3 weeks total wait.

I've heard of people waiting much, much longer than I did. I don't believe in intervening with nature's plan unless it's absolutely necessary, so I was willing to wait, and wait and wait. Everyone is different, though.

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I am sorry that you have to deal with this. I hope that you find a solution that works for you.