Seize the Day!

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Seize the Day!

Just a little update on my mission to get Australia to recognize International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day (Oct 15th).

As many of you read in an earlier thread, two weeks ago I dropped letters off to the offices of my State and Federal MP’s, asking them to bring this issue to Parliament. These MP’s are both female, by the way, which I think will help (no offence to men, I just think women tend to be more responsive to this kind of thing).

Well, last Sat. I attended a black tie event here, and was sitting very close to these two MP’s. So – known by my friends for my “Why Not?” chutzpah and “Seize the Moment” mentality (!) -- I went straight up to them and introduced myself. I said, with a wide smile: “I’m the woman who wrote to both of you recently about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day. Just thought I’d give you a ‘face to the name’.”

They both appeared slightly stunned (!) – it is rather confronting, but too bad for them! The State MP asked if I’d received her email yet, and I told her I had not (nice try! She’d better think faster than that). I told her I looked forward to receiving it. The Federal MP looked me straight in the eye (I DO like this woman) and said, “We MUST get together and talk about this.” I told her that yes, thank you we must, and that I looked forward to hearing from her too. Then I invited them to please enjoy the rest of the night.

I’m on them!

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You go girl!! Biggrin


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that is awesome Nicole, go get 'em and take no excuses! KUP!

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Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!