Severe pain... (m/c ment) **UPDATED**

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Severe pain... (m/c ment) **UPDATED**

I had a D&C 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Last night I could feel ovulation pains coming on... today... they are sooo severe that I am having a hard time functioning...

I never had this before... is this normal?


**UPDATE**- It was ovulation pain and my doc confirmed. She said that it's good because I o'd on my own... I admitted to her that we weren't very careful either... we'll see what's in store for me these next few weeks...

Thanks to everyone who responded... sorry to scare anyone... I just had never felt that kind of pain before.


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I have never had ovulations pains, so I don't know. I am sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I've been having ovulation pains too and my m/c was 3 weeks ago today. They are just the same as normal though, not bad.

Maybe you should go and see your doc if they don't ease up!

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I don't think pain that severe is very common. I would definitely call your doctor just to make sure everything is okay. A lot of people don't ovulate in the cycle after a miscarriage, so there may be something else going on to cause the pain. Better to give them a call than to wonder...

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You def need to talk to your doc just to make sure everything is healing ok.

Take care of yourself hun, I'm so sorry for all you are going through.


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I would tell your Dr,as the pains shouldn't be severe.Good luck hun

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after my losses, my ovulation pain has become very intense (it was always rather painful). Granted I have only ovulated twice since then, but it wakes me from sleep and I am pretty sore the next day. I guess I don't know if it is normal, so if you're concerned, talk to your doc.

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I am so very sorry that you are experiencing this kind of pain. I hope that you feel better soon.


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The first time I O'ed after my loss I was in so much pain. I actually went to urgent care. They didn't have the ultrasound equipment and so they sent me to my obgyn. My dr. did an ultrasound and said it looked like I had just ovulated. He said that the pain most likely is because of the fluid that leaks out when the egg bursts out.
I also had some pretty intense pain the 2nd time I O'ed after my loss. Both time it was on my left side.
I hope this helps!