SIDS or what?

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SIDS or what?

I just got my dd's autopsy recently. They put down that the results were inconclusive. We have always thought it was SIDS and I would love to keep thinking that. But it says that they can't rule out asphyxia. But it is the same? Her face was near the wedge when I found her. Please help. I can't live thinking I could have prevented it.

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I am so sorry Sad .....Even if your daughters death was not caused by SIDS...You are her mother....I am SURE you cared for your daughter in the most caring/cautious/protective/loving way that was humanly possible. Please, do not blame yourself for what you could not have prevented :bighug:

Ask the doctor, if the cause was SIDS...How would that report be written?? Would it be written the same way as the one you received?? Is there anyway to really tell??


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I totally agree with Marie. There is no way that you should be feeling any guilt because you would have done nothing to harm your little girl. Of course, it's easy to say, but not so easy in practice - i know! :giveflower:

From reading on the internet i saw that they would call a death SIDS when they can see no other reason for the death at all and so it remains unexplained. The only difference in the case of it being asphyxia is that you would know a cause. With SIDS there is a cause, but it is just that it is unknown at that time. Please dont place extra guilt on yourself because you know the cause, it doesnt make you more culpable at all.


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Thanks ladies. I just feel so horrible. I never expected this to happen. I had a little bit of closure and then got this. I also got her things from the state police crime lab on Thursday!

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Oh please dont spend one more minute blaming yourself. Im sure you did everything to keep her safe. And there could be a number of reasons they wrote it up like that. I agree I would ask the dr if that is the way they would write that up. :bigarmhug:


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