"Situational Depression"

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"Situational Depression"

Hi-my name is meagan. I have had 3 miscarriages.

Baby #1: lost @ 12 weeks. It was hard, but I knew that the baby had not developed properly, and kind of saw it coming. Lost in June 2006

Baby #2: a healthy little girl in June 2008

Baby #3: a healthy little boy in October 2009

Baby #4: died @ 5 weeks, didn't find out until 11 weeks-D&C followed. This was in January 2011

Baby #5: lost @ 7 weeks after a high stress incident involving my job. This was in April 2011

I was fine after the first loss. Sad and emotional, but after a few months, I was counting down to time to try again. After the 2nd loss, DH and I spent the evening before my surgery weeping, and mourning the loss of the baby we had decided to name Morgan. After the 3rd loss, I was determined to be strong. It wasn't fair to my husband and living children to fall to pieces. I felt like I owed it to them to be the best ME I could be. And I did-I was fine for months.

But a friend was due on the same day as my 5th baby, and when she delivered her child, it triggered something in me. I am angry and bitter, and jealous of all pregnant people I know or see, and I find myself ignoring my friend. I avoid seeing her and pretend the baby isn't around if I DO bring myself to talk to her.

My OB thinks I am suffering from situational depression-and though my DH is extremely understanding, I don't think he understands how I could be fine for so long, and then overnight turn into a mess. My OB wants to put me on some medication, but I am resisting. I have read up, and the side effects scare me.

I need some advice...should I stick it out awhile longer (it's been 3 months since my emotions surfaced-almost a year since the last loss)? Or should I give in and take the drugs? Do the benefits outweigh the side effects?

If anyone has any experience with this aspect of loss, I would appreciate any input.

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I would go with the meds but then again I suffer from long-term depression and have been on meds for years.

I can completely understand feelings of anger/jealousy/bitterness...I am feeling them all right now. I lost my last baby about the same time you did...well my d&c was April 2nd.... My nephew and his wife just had a baby. I can't bring myself to make the baby quilt that I have ready for them. I am so jealous. Two of my nieces are pregnant and I can't even text them I am so bitter on why they get to have healthy pregnancies and I don't.

Loss is horrible and recurrent loss is so hard to deal with... I have had 7 chemical/early miscarriages before Bailey... With Bailey I was 11.5 weeks when I found out there was no heartbeat and Bailey had died at 8-9 weeks...

Medication in the short-term might help and there re a lot that are safe if you are still TTC.