so annoyed today!(mc and child ment)

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so annoyed today!(mc and child ment)

I am just so mad today. My doctor's office wants me to repeat my beta again, but really whats the point in that? I know the numbers are not good, I know I will probably be losing my baby, and if my number has gone up a little again, that wont give us new info. If its going down, then I am bound to start bleeding, right? So why cant we just leave it alone and see the disaster at the next ultrasound on feb 4th? If I have not mc'd by Mon, we have to do the us to make sure regardless of what my beta is, so why have me waste a morning doing that? Im also sooo pissed, my dh is in Florida at a sales "meeting". Basically going out to dinners, snorkeling, having banquets, hanging out with his pals at work and having a couple meetings thrown in there while I am home waiting for my miscarriage to happen while caring for our other 6 kids! I cannot believe he went on this trip with me in this horrible place right now! Im also mad at myself and I guess everyone, because I cant even get help in case this happens because people are so nasty and they totally make the rudest comments about us having lots of kids, and I KNOW there would be awful comments made about "learning my lesson from this" by especially my mom. Im also annoyed because so many other ladies are having bleeding and cramping and this and that, but their babies are fine and I have not one symptom, and I know I am doomed, and I have lost this baby! I dont know if I would be having an easier time if I had symptoms or not, but I just feel so freaking annoyed right now! Sorry for the vent, I had a decent day, maybe Im just tired.

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I am so sorry you are having to go through this alone. I can't imagine anyone thinking that losing a baby is "teaching you a lesson." You can vent whenever you feel you need to! Just know that I'm thinking of you... hang in there!

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I'm so sorry you're in this awful situation. My heart goes out to you. Vent as much as you want. Hugs to you.

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I am so very sorry that you are put in this untenable situation. Is there anyway to call and cancel the beta test? Maybe tell them that you will have to call and reschedule and then just show up for the u/s appt? I am so sorry that you also have to deal with crap comments. I wish you peace and strength.


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I'm sorry.

How was your U/S?

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If you are being treated like that, then it would be just better to call and cancel the appointment and go in for the U/S on the 4th. My heart goes out to you, and I cant believe your mom would say something like that. I do not get along with my mom,YMI, bless her heart, it isnt all her fault it is just hard to bond when you get handed a baby the first time when the baby is 4 months old.TMI But she has never ever said anything like that to me when i m/c. THey should all mind there business. I have a large family so if you want to vent in private pm me anytime.