this is so hard, m/c, children, pregnancy mentioned

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this is so hard, m/c, children, pregnancy mentioned

I'm currently going through a misscarriage. I went in for a us on tuesday becuase I was spotting. They found the baby right away, and sent me home with a "threanted misscarriage" and to come back in a week for another us. The next day the bleeding became very heavy, i went back for anohter us. They can still see the baby however the doc could see that I was contracting. He said that it would most likely end in misscarriage, he asked if I wanted a d&c but I opted to let things happen naturally. I'm still bleeding very heavyly, if this keeps up until Monday I'm going to call my dr again....I'm not sure how long the heavy bleeding should last.
Needless to say my heart is broken, we have 2 children and had text book pregnancies so this was so unexpected. Whats worse is everyone already knew, I knew better....i should have waited to tell everyone we were expecting.

well thank you for letting me share my story.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. Do not feel bad about telling people, everyone gets excited and you have done nothing wrong.
Everyone is different, it may take a few hours may take a few days to nature to takes it's course. If it gets too bad, do go back to your doctors. Sending prayers.

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How are you doing.

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Just saw your post. I am so sorry for your loss. How are you doing?

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I"m so sorry. I did the same thing with my first....I told everyone. I was so excited. I had my mom tell everyone when we lost the baby. It was easier. The second time I got pregnant I didn't tell anyone but my DH. When I lost it, I had him call my parents (I was flying home to see them when he called) just to give them the heads up that all was not well. I don't think it matters how many people know or don't know. It still hurts the same. If you tell them, you have to untell them and deal with the pity. If you don't tell them they have to wonder what the heck is going on with you when you are grieving and mostly, you end up telling them anyway. Don't be hard on yourself about it. No way is harder or easier. I let things go naturally too. It took over a week each time. I'm so sorry.

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It is ok to get excited about being pregnant. It hurts the same if only one person knows or 1000.

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Hugs honey. I am so sorry about the loss of your precious baby.
I want you to know that I am going through the same thing right now, except that I had a D&C.
No one knew about my pregnancy, only my DH and a dear friend, but it still hurts just the same. It is a feeling that is hard to wrap your mind around. One day you are planning what to buy for the new baby, and next day you are not pregnant anymore....
Hugs, sweetie!