So I am going to be joining the TTC after a loss board...

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So I am going to be joining the TTC after a loss board...

I called my OB's office today to get the results of my blood work. My pg levels were under 2 like she wanted, they were actually at 1. The nurse said that now , well actually after June 13th, we are safe to start TTC again!!!! I guess since my levels are back down and my HSG dye test came out normal she doesn't want to run anymore tests. She said that my Dr will also allow us to start using Clomid again if we want. DH and I have talked and we have decided to leave it to God and try w/o Clomid for a few months to see what happens. What is meant to be will happen.

So now I am due for AF on June 1st. We'll see if she comes on her own since I have had such big problems with my irregular cycles. I do think that I actually ovulated on my own around the 18th this month and DH and I did the BD, but since the pg levels came out so low yesterday it looks like we didn't get any luck this month. Oh well, we will start fresh next month, I just pray that AF comes on her own on June 1st so we can get the show on the road! Well I am headed over to the TTC after a loss board, but I will still be here too if you will let me. Even though we are TTC again, I will still need your support and advice since you have all been so helpful to me thus far. Wish me luck! Smile

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What wonderful news! I have just joined TTCAL too, so I look forward to seeing you there. Biggrin

All the best for AF showing by herself! :bigarmhug:


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Love, luck, and baby dust!
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Good luck to you, I hope your stay at TTCAL is short!! I am hoping to join you over there soon.

Good luck to you also Bec!!!

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If you are pretty sure you O'd...You have a great chance at getting that bfp in the next 8 or so days!!! Don't give up yet!!

I am so glad all your testing came out fine....What a relief....Really hoping for a speedy bfp for you...



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:goodluck: Please keep us posted on you're progress.