so much anger towards these people

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so much anger towards these people

As each day progresses, the investigation at the hospital continues. My husband and I have "little birdies" that let us know what is going on since the powers that be are very hush hush right now.

We just found out that when getting a second opinion on the fetal heart monitor strips from an o.b. nurse and another o.b. the hospital was told that the baby was clearly in distress from the moment we showed up and that an emergency c-section should have been called away immediately. This person was overheard saying that my family has a definite malpractice case along with one for negligent still birth. Since Damien is listed as never having taken a breath outside of the womb we cannot go for wrongful death. Our emergency wasn't called away for two and a half hours.

I am still getting the run around about getting copies of all of my medical records. It is one excuse or another as to why they aren't ready yet. Yes, I want my records to give to the lawyer that we have contacted, but it is so much more than that. This hospital freely says that labor is what set all of this tragedy into motion. I need all of my records, especially the fetal heart monitor strips, to give the next o.b. so that they have the full picture of what Damien went through BEFORE we get to that point. I truly feel that the whole picture cannot be understood without those records.

It just angers me so much to know that the professionals I was being treated by screwed up so much!!!! Nothing will ever bring our precious boy back, but dammit I want people held accountable. Would he still be with us if they had gotten me into surgery right away? That question can never be answered, but it is the kind of question that shouldn't have to be asked.

Thanks for listening to me rant.


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Oh gosh Shelly, I dont' even know what to say Sad I can only imagine all the what if questions that must be pouring through your head right now. I think you have every reason to be angry and want someone held accountable for what happened. Your right, it won't bring your son back but it may help someone else down the road. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with all of this on top of losing your son. :bigarmhug: Rant all you want...I would be too. Take care.


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Hey sweetie. I am a total lurker and I hope you wonderful ladies don't mind.

I have been keeping up with you since this happened, and I just want to say I am SO sorry. No one should ever have to have the kind of grief you have had--both with the loss of your precious son and the military medical establishment.

I am fortunate enough to be in a CONUS location with no OBs at the MTF. I get to see civilian docs. May we all pray that that never changes no matter where we move to ... please, God. I have dealt with my share of clown tricks from the MTF here on other issues, though, and because I was active duty AF throughout my last pregnancy, I know how hard they can screw you if you are not a dependent. I know your rights as far as holding them accountable are greatly diminished when you are the AD member--and from what I gather, you are AD.

So my question is, what are they telling you? I am pretty sure you can't get monetary compensation, not to say that that is what you are looking for at all, but I want to see these b@stards held accountable and three cheers to you for doing it. What can they do? Will they submit to a *real live honest-to-God* review of their practices, or will they keep it all shut up like every other fiasco I have ever seen in the military? If they admit fault, what are your rights? I hope that what you are going through right now, which is soooo brave, by the way, helps dozens of other families.

I know of one or two egregious malpractice suits that have been brought and won against the US armed forces. I hope yours joins that list. HUGS to you, Shelley. And best of luck.



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hugs Shelley. I would be just seething with anger if I were in your shoes. I hope things can fall into place with getting the medical records, and things with the lawyer. It is just not right to have to question so many things.