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so tired

I feel like an idiot for asking, but is it common to be really just absolutly bone tired when this happens? I'm sure part of it is emotional, but physcially, can it exhaust you?
I can barely stay awake at work. I"m so thankful that Luke goes to bed at 7 so I can get some sleep!

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I think the whole experience can be very draining. I havent yet been back to work, but i still sit and stare into vacant space a lot and find it hard to get up on a morning. And i'm almost 9 weeks post partum! Everyone is different of course though.

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First of all, I'm sorry for your loss. :bigarmhug:

I agree with Sarah- It's all very draining. Emotional trauma affects the body. So does depression. I remember staying in bed a lot after my early losses. After Peter was born I didn't. I had shut down and gone on autopilot for a while. I guess I had to to get through making funeral arrangements and dealing with relatives. When it finally did hit me it hit in an unmistakable physical way. When the depression hit hard I'd need to lie down for a few hours as well. So it makes total sense that you'd be tired physically.



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I was very tired as well. I think partly due to the emotional rollercoast I had just been on. I also think, physically you are going through so much as well. And its so hard to "keep it together".

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.:openarms:

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I think part of it is physical (the first trimester is exhausting and I think it takes a while for all the horomones and everything to get out of your system) and part is emotional and a sign of depression is being tired and wanting to sleep. I know I would sleep a lot more if I could.

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AFter losing Damien, I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep. My problem was that I couldn't sleep. I had to take pills to sleep and was still bone tired all day. It has gotten better but I still have a couple of nights a week where I need a little help getting to sleep. AMbien is such a godsend sometimes.


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I am still tired most of the time, it is depression, or at least that is what the doctor said. Your hormones can take time getting back into a normal cycle and that can make you tired as well. I think you are normal and feeling tired is acceptable. If you are too worried about it, call your doctor. Also if you loss was recent have them check for anemia, I developed it after my miscarriage and needed to take iron pills to help rebuild my blood supply.