Some hope... (TTC, AF, M/C Ment)

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Some hope... (TTC, AF, M/C Ment)

Hello all... I wanted to offer a ray of hope to those who have miscarried. I miscarried 4 weeks (to the day) ago. I can joyfuly say that AF is here and I have never been happier. There were days when I thought I would never be normal again, but here I am, just four weeks out and I feel like the burden has lifted. AF means I have healed physically and my body is ready to try again. I thank my lucky stars every day that I feel this way.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I understand those rough days where you hate those who are happy and moving on. I understand the feeling of despair that lingers after you lose your child. However, I also want to assure everyone that it will get better. You will never forget your baby, but you will find peace eventually and the will to move on will come back.

I will say this one last thing, though. While I am very excited to TTC again, there is some apprehension now. I have a feeling that the OB/GYN is going to be a little taken aback by my new pushy behavior. This time around, I am getting a blood test early, so that I can prepare if necessary. No more of this surprise loss business.

Love to all of you strong mommies out there. You deserve a medal for living with a pain that most people cannot understand. I wish everyone the best and (no offense) I hope I never have to be back on this board again. Still, it is nice to know it is here. Smile

Sleep in peace baby girl... :sleepygirl:

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I'm glad that you are in a positive place now, as for the doctor, they work for you, you pay them, remember that. Be as pushy as you need to be in order to feel comfortable, I don't know if you have ventured to the TTCAL board, but it is full of supportive ladies that understand the difficulty of trying after a loss. I too hope you are never here again, and your BFP comes quickly


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Hey there! Thank you for sharing your optimistic thoughts with it. It's so great to see someone who is ready to move on and positive about the future.

I totally get you with the pushy thing though. Last pregnancy, after loosing Zane i was SO pushy. I felt guilty at times because it's not in my nature, but heck! We deserve the best care we can get!! Smile

I wish you the very best of luck on your TTC journey. I hope that it is a short one, so that your BFP comes swiftly and your bean is very sticky - 40 weeks sticky! :goodluck:

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(preg ment)

I agree, be as pushy as you want! After my loss, I was extremely pushy with my next pregnancy. I am usually a very laid back, go-with-the-flow type of girl, but no longer when it comes to pregnancy. I demanded blood tests, heart beat checks, ultrasounds, and appointments whenever I felt unsure. And I got them. It may be the "standard of care" to not do any of those things unless there is a problem already indicated, but I don't consider myself standard anymore. None of us are.

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I really enjoyed reading your thread. I am glad to hear that you have reached a positive place and that you're ready to move forward. I recently experienced a loss a few days ago with my first pregnancy at 8 weeks. My DH and I plan to TTC again and I am hopeful that my period will return soon. I feel the same way as you about being "pushy" with my Dr. the next time around and not wanting any bad suprises. I wish you all the best!