Is This Something To Be Worried About?

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Is This Something To Be Worried About?

well i had a d&c on tuesday i only bled very litttle and it wasent a heavy or lite flow that day it was mostly spotting and when i wiped...and now i have absolutley no bleeding and minor this something i should be calling the doctor for?:help1:

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Thats all I had and I spot on and off depending on my activity.

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I dont think so hun, but the bleeding could kick in at any time if i remember from what i've read on here. I wouldnt worry, but be prepared in case you do bleed at some point.

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No, I wouldn't worry. Consider your self luck that your bleeding is very light. I have been bleeding 11 days and it is only now starting to get lighter. I had cramping for the first 3 days, and then it went away. Just as a warning, you might also pass some clots, my doctor said that is normal as long as you don't have a fever. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Hang in there, it is a tough road but we are all here for you.


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Thanks Ladies....well I Only Am Spotting Now And I Have Had Some CRamps But Nothing Out Of The Ordinary....thanks

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Sounds like all of mine. They do do it pretty thouroughly {sp}



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