Still not believing

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Still not believing

I was absolutely terrified to find out that i had gotten pregnant after only being with my bf for a week. But as the pregnancy progressed and we got further along the more excited we got! It only took us a few weeks to be so excited to be pregnant. Then on thursday (07/13) I started to spot and was in severe pain. I went to the dr and I was told I had a severe bladder infection and was sent home with medication. The bleeding picked up to the point my bf took me to the hospital on friday night. I was told that my cervix was open and pretty much that there was no hope and was sent home with a jar of formaldehyde to catch the tissue when it passed. I was out shopping with my bf on saturday when it felt like my water broke. I went to the bathroom expecting to see a lot of blood and some tissue. What I wasnt expecting was to be face to face with a perfectly formed 9 week old fetus! Everything was there that was supposed to be on a 9 week old fetus. It is the worst thing I have ever seen and I still cant believe it has happened!

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How horrible! That is why I opted for the d&c, I could not handle seeing my baby like that.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how hard that was as I've had D&C's with both mine. My OB did mention that as a reason I might want to do the D&C with the first one as he died at 9w.