support groups for fathers

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support groups for fathers

Does anyone know of an online chat or support room for fathers? My husband is looking for other men to talk to about loss and trying again. We searched last night and found nothing. I told him he could post questions to you ladies but he really wants a guys sight. Any info?


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He can go to the site here for dads. It not a bord for losses but it may help in some way the RUL is:

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Posts: 40 has a board just for use by dads and grandads. I'm sure your DH can find some support there.

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I'm sorry, i dont know of anywhere. My husband unfortunately isnt the kind of guy to talk to people about the loss otherwise i would have suggested your DH drop him an email. Maybe one of these ladies DH's would be more forthcoming with support? Smile

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Like PP, my DH isn't one to talk to others about it either. He is more one to cry over it with me and then not mention it again and try to get on with things...
But I see talking to you ladies and sharing experiences as a way to deal with it and get out all those feelings, and find support when others who arent grieving dont understand, and i think its a shame that you had so much trouble finding a support site for men.

good luck and I hope he finds the support he needs. And if he doesnt have any luck, he is always welcome here!

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I agree with hdme, has an awesome board just for dads. I've tried to get Jory on over there, but he's not ready yet.