Survived Christmas

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Survived Christmas

Well I did it, I went to pa to visit family. I broke down during the prayer and then while eating, but I excused myself and went into the bathroom to cry. I pulled myself together in 10 minutes and went back out. Don't get me wrong I had to take alot of extra xanax to feel normal but I made it. Today is different I woke up with a horrible headache and blurred vision I think it is going to be a migraine. Yuck if it isn't one thing it is another.
I hope you all had a good christmas, as best as it could be with your angels.

Thanks for the support

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I'm glad you made it safely. I hope today is a better day for you and your headache goes away! :bigarmhug:

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I survived Christmas as well. I was actually feeling calm which is strange since the weeks leading up were so depressing. I went to the naturopath last week and perhaps it was the remedy that made me feel calm. Not sure but either way I was okay.

I didn't get to see Lily on Christmas day. I was very disappointed. We left home much later than we anticipated and those country roads are very dark. So I am going to see her shortly.

It is so strange though that Lily was not mentioned by anyone. It is like she doesn't exist. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it is surreal to see that life just goes on for others. I wish I could feel some of that.

Hope Christmas passed as you needed it to. Sending a big :bigarmhug: to all of you.

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I am glad that you survived Christmas. I thought about you a lot yesterday. I survived as well. I just had one little breakdown when we were naming her star. Honestly, I'm a little glad it's over and thankful that we stayed home. I don't think I would have done so well if we had gone back to IL for the holidays. :bighug: to all


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You are a truly strong and inspiring woman. I hope that the migraine goes quickly. I know how horrid they can be. Shelly