symptoms after d&c

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symptoms after d&c

I just read on some web site that about 2 weeks after a d&c you can get crazy sympotms-- feeling queasy, pg symptoms, o symptoms , weird fluctuating temps, and it is very wacky as your body tries to adjust with hormones etc. So, Im feeling like this- queasy, just icky. How long do I have the pleasure of feeling like this, does anyone know? Or maybe Im really lucky and Im just getting the stomach bug after my last three weeks went: flu, mc, strep throat, and now maybe its the stomach bug! Lovely month Im having. GRRR!

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OH honey :bigarmhug: I am so sorry that you are feeling icky. I am sending cyber chicken soup your way. I hope that you feel better soon.


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I'm so sorry you're feeling icky sweetheart. After my D&C I truly didn't get any of those sytmpoms. I cried, but that was about it. It didn't take too long for my hormones to adjust (I was about 13 weeks), but my body took a little long adjusting, getting a normal period, stop bleeding... all of that. I'm hoping you don't have to endure much more of it, D&C's are no fun, but I'm thinking about you girl!

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It was a week ago today I had my d&c and my boobs are killing me - just as painful as when I was pg. I am also feeling nauseous. I'm still constipated and gas=y. I am having a lot of abdominal pain - not cramping - just soreness. As a matter of fact, I callled my ob to check on things. She wants me to check with my reg doc to go over the constipation thing. If my pain is not related to that, then she wants to see me earlier than the follow up appt. My belly is still pretty hard too.

Everyone told me I shouldn't be feeling this bad a week later. The doc didn't give any explanation. I start my blood work next week to check on hormones.

I can certainly sympathize with you. I'm sorry you are feeling so 'yuck'.{{{HUGS}}}

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Im sorry you are feeling poorly hun. I dont remember feeling this way. I still had pg symptoms until the d & c but once that was over, I felt fine physically. Emotionally was a whole other story.