Taking the dive into the world of CHARTING...

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Taking the dive into the world of CHARTING...

I am now the proud owner of a copy of 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' and a brand spankin new thermometer!! We are talking about TTC, but we are both scared. I think he is more scared than I am really. He (BF) has an eight year old son who lives with us and our loss hit them both really hard, sometimes I think it's as hard for them as it is for me. BUT, I decided that regardless of anything, I need to know what is going on with my body. I have endo and saying my cycle is irregular is an understatement. I do have a little hope that my cycle becomes a little more normal now, which the OB said it could, *crossing fingers*. I know that there has to be something that will make it a bit more predictable and if blood tests and doctors can't figure it out other than to say it's the endo, well, then, I'll do it myself. I know plenty of people with endo and they don't have half the irregularity that I do. Plus, I have a really really mild case, only like 3 spots on my ureter and bladder in Feb when I had my Lap. I know that doesn't always matter, but I know there has to be something that explains no cycle for 3-4 months sometimes other than endo. I could be wrong, but this way I'll be closer to knowing.

So I am setting out armed with this book and my trusty thermometer. Wish me luck and any, ANY advice, suggestions, helpful hints, whatever would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day ladies. You are all in my thoughts.


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You have totally done the right thing hun, especially since your cycles are irregular! Charting will help you to understand if you are ovulating and how long your cycles can be and your luteal phase (time after ovulation and before AF). All of this is mega useful for health reasons even without TTC. If you suspect something is wrong with your cycles you have made the first step to finding out what it is and solving it. Go you!

I really really enthuse about that book too! TCOYF is awesome! It taught me sooooo much!

If you are charting i would recommend using www.fertilityfriend.com. It's the main program the ladies on here use and they also do a free email charting course. It doesnt take too long and you can do it at your own pace. I did it and it is well worth it.

I miss charting a lot. I would definately still be charting if i didnt have to mentally seperate myself from my body's fertility for a while.

Best of luck chick! :goodluck:

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That book is great, I found it very helpful and interesting. Just make sure to take your temp. at the same time every day before you get out of bed. I keep mine under my pillow so in the morning I don't have to move too much to take it. Also, if you sleep with your mouth open, you might want to take your temp. vaginally since your temps could be all over the board. Also, I use FF (Fertility Friend) to record my temps. It is a great tool and makes charting some what exciting when you get to see the CH (cross Hairs).

If you have any questions about temping, feel free to PM me

Good luck~

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I use fertility friend and it is really helpful. Buy the VIP version if you can (10.00 for 30 days) or there are other options fo year's membership etc. It's very helpful. Your first 30 days will be free VIP. Then after that I am telling you it is the best money I ever spent.

I am screwing my chart up by not temping the same time every day. But going to try to do better. I didn't know about the mouth open sleeping thing. I will have to try to figure out if I do that..... but how do I know if I am sleepin hehe.

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I was just going to mention fertility friend. Smile
I is really neat all the things you can do with it.

Good luck.

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I wish you all the luck in the world.


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good luck charting. I was never really good at the whole charting process. Hopefully it works for you. Fertility friend is a great program.