Test came out the same

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Test came out the same

I had to have more tests done. I changed dr.s and my new one sent me to the big city of Nashville to a fetal maternal medicine specialist. Unfortunatly all her tests came back the same, and she decided the planned form of treatment(heprin injections)in her oppinion would be of no use. So we have the ok to start trying and though we are, we are very concerned with how to prevent it from happening again. I will be off work after 5 mo., and the heprin injections, were are plan of action. Now what do I do????????

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Sorry I have no advice for you but to say good luck and hope you find the answers your looking for. And a bfp with sticky vibes

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I can't remember why you said the heparin was needed in the first place...could you remind me??

I would post on this board (there are 4, post on more than just one)


A reproductive endocronologist will answer your questions within the next 24 hours...This is a free service...They also give free consults (phone as well) if they feel that a more in depth explanation is needed...



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I have no advice but just want you to know I am thinking aobut you. Did you have a problem with blood clots in a previous pregnancy? What does the specialist in Nashville recommend?

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I am sorry that the test results were of no help. I wish you the best of luck.

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I'm sorry you dont get any conclusive guarantees honey. I also appreciate how scared you are embarking on your TTC journey.

Gosh! I remember when you first joined here and you were upset about waiting a year because of your incision. Time really has flown!

I am sending you all the positive vibes and prayers i can that your TTC journey will be a swift one and you get to take home a healthy baby at the end of it, for keeps.


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I had an abruption, multiple blood clots. They found one mutated gene, and were going to put me on heprin as treatment.

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I am so sorry that your test didn't help. I just wanted to give you a :bighug: !

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Could you ask if baby aspirin would be helpful? Sorry you don't have any answers.